Alternative Solutions

These days, technology allows us to customize our experiences in ways that are less traditional. As relationships (and the world at large) become less traditional, there are now many alternatives to “traditional” divorce. At Tapestry, we understand these alternatives and can help you figure out which one is best for you and your family. We can also help you navigate the process with compassion and support.

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with an attorney who can help you understand the best way to move forward.

Collaborative Divorce

In a Collaborative Divorce, the parties resolve their issues respectfully and cooperatively without using the courts to decide their issues for them. Tapestry attorney, Jonathan Trause, is  specially trained in the Collaborative Divorce process and works together with, rather than against, your spouse’s lawyer and a team of other professionals. If you are interested in learning more about Collaborative Divorce, consult with an attorney who has been trained in the process.

Divorce Mediation

Entering into a Marital Settlement Agreement allows you to agree to the terms of your divorce with your spouse prior to finalizing your divorce. A Marital Settlement Agreement often saves money by avoiding significant court time necessary for a routine divorce case. Moreover, the Marital Settlement Agreement often helps avoid a lengthy trial, and is often very efficient if you and your spouse agree on most or all of the terms of your divorce but, for whatever reason, are not yet ready to get divorced. Tapestry represents your interests throughout the negotiations of the terms of your agreement, when you need someone on your side. Click here to schedule a consultation.


An annulment makes it as if your marriage never happened, from a legal perspective. To get an annulment, there needs to be a reason such as your spouse already being married to someone else, fraud, duress, coercion, etc. If you are considering getting your marriage annulled, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation to answer your questions, help understand the process, and determine whether the court will likely grant your annulment or not.

Additional Community Support

With your consent, Tapestry may refer you to others with the non-legal skills to help your family resolve your unique issues such as financial advisors, child specialists, mental health specialists, and divorce coaches. We have a close relationship with our partner law firm, Catalyst Law, should your divorce raise issues such as estate planning or division of business interests. To learn more about Tapestry’s services and our extended network of service providers, schedule an initial consultation.