Child & Spousal Support

Divorce is not only hard on most people emotionally but financially as well. You now need to support two households with the same income that supported one. You may also need to return to school or or get special training before re-entering the workforce. Child support and spousal support can help with those things. Having an attorney who will try to understand your financial goals and needs is important. 

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Child Support

Child support is the money that one parent—usually the non-custodial parent—pays to the other parent for the financial support of the couple’s minor child(ren). Child support serves an important role to supplement provisions for the child’s care, welfare, education, and overall support. The State of Oregon uses a mandatory formula to calculate child support, which takes into account things like parenting time, the parents’ incomes, child care costs, insurance costs, and more. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Family Law Attorney to answer your questions and help understand the child support calculations.

Spousal Support

Instead of “alimony”, Oregon courts use the term “Spousal Support” to describe the money the court orders one spouse to pay to the other after a divorce In Oregon, the goal of spousal support is to ultimately help a spouse gain financial independence.  Oregon courts can order three different types of spousal support (transitional, compensatory, and maintenance) and use several factors to determine the dollar amount and length of time for spousal support, including the length of the marriage; the spouses’ ages, health, needs, and work history; and more. Please consult with an experienced attorney who can answer your Spousal Support questions.

Establishing and Disestablishing Paternity

At Tapestry, we understand it can be challenging coming to terms with the possibility that a child could have a different biological father. However, if you find yourself under these circumstances, Tapestry can help you navigate the remedies for establishing or disestablishing paternity available through the courts.

Whether you believe you are not a child’s biological father, if you believe that your child’s biological father is not your child’s legal parent, or if you believe you are the biological father of a child and want to assert your parental rights, Tapestry can help you navigate the process regarding establishing or disestablishing paternity. Speak with an attorney experienced in establishing and disestablishing paternity.