Divorce & Separation

Divorce • Relationship Breakups • Alternative Options & Solutions

Helping you keep an even keel.

Let’s be honest: divorce and separation can suck! Even when it’s absolutely the right thing under the circumstances. Our goal is to try and make it suck less.


Different options for how we can represent you in your divorce case.


Information for married couples, non-married couples, and domestic partners.


Learn about alternatives to a traditional divorce.

At Tapestry Family Law, we strive to align our workplace environment and our professional focus with our personal values. We believe in a compassionate, holistic approach to family law and work with you to achieve your goals.

Almost every legal matter is tough, especially in family law. We do our best to make sure you come out the other side of your divorce or separation in the best position possible to move forward with your life.

In short, we want to be the first chapter in your new book, not the last chapter in your old one.

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