Whether you are the one who decided it is time to get a divorce, you got blindsided by your spouse asking for one, or you mutually decided it is for the best, the breakup of a marriage is a heavy emotional time. At Tapestry, we understand that Family Law is often a balance between the emotional and the rational and we have the experience to take care of the rational, so you can be emotional, if that’s what you need.

Whether you want to file for divorce or need to respond to divorce papers served on you from your spouse, Tapestry will guide you through all the unique aspects of your case, from petition to settlement or trial. 

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with an attorney who understands both the head and the heart of divorce.

Full Scope Representation

Full scope representation is what most people think of when they hire a divorce lawyer. The divorce lawyer represents the client from the beginning of their matter to end. This includes:

  • preparation and filing of all court documents;
  • negotiating and communicating with your spouse’s attorney;
  • communicating with the court; and
  • presenting your case at trial. 

Once your case is settled or the trial concludes, the same lawyer handles all the follow up work:

  • drafting or reviewing the judgment;
  • ensuring the accuracy of the judgment submitted to the court; and
  • making sure important deadlines are met, and more.

We recognize the benefit of resolving your divorce discreetly and amicably, and we use our best efforts to achieve our clients’ goals outside of litigation. We are, however, fully prepared to take to trial any issues that cannot be resolved through settlement. Click here to schedule a consultation.

Limited Scope (“Unbundled”) Representation

Unbundled legal services (aka limited scope representation) means the lawyer you hire only handles certain parts of your case and you handle the rest. This can keep legal fees from getting out of hand. Some types of unbundled legal services include flat fee work for specific tasks,  behind the scenes coaching, second opinions on a case you have with another lawyer, and more. 

Tapestry offers many different types of limited scope representation and will work with you to figure out the type of representation that is best for you.

  • Initiating Divorce Proceedings
  • Responding to a Divorce Petition
  • Filing a Stipulated Judgment
  • Modifying Terms of Dissolution – Times change, and sometimes your divorce agreement needs to change with the times.
  • Responding to a Petition to Modify Divorce
  • Changing Child Custody/Defending Against a Custody Change
  • Divorce Coaching
  • Other Custom Services – Review draft legal filings prior to filing or provide a second opinion if your current counsel doesn’t seem like a good fit.

If you are considering a divorce, we invite you to schedule an initial consultation to answer your questions and help understand the process – from filing a petition to more complex matters including property division, custody, or child support issues.

Document Review, Pre-Divorce Planning, and Second Opinions

Document Review
If you have prepared do-it-yourself legal documents for the court or you need a thorough review and analysis of a legal document you received from your spouse, Tapestry provides feedback, answers your questions, and helps you determine the next steps for handling your unique legal issues. Click here to schedule a consultation. 

Pre-Divorce Planning
Pre-divorce planning is about parenting time, financial and living arrangements, and how to keep legal fees manageable. Pre-divorce planning is not about ways to hide money and assets from your spouse or learning how to make their life miserable throughout the divorce process. Tapestry helps you prepare a plan so that your separation or divorce process is more likely to proceed smoothly. Click here to schedule a consultation. 

Second Opinions
Sometimes after a divorce attorney has begun work on your case, you realize they’re not a good personality fit for you or you no longer feel confident in their ability to represent your needs. When that happens, it is important for you to explore how another attorney may handle your case differently. We invite you to schedule an initial consultation to answer your questions and help decide whether switching attorneys or not is right for you.

Modifications and Enforcement

Following the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage (which finalizes your divorce) you may need legal help to modify and/or enforce the terms of the judgment. 

Often after people get a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, life changes in unexpected ways. For example, a parent may lose a job or remarry, the same parenting plan that worked when a child was a toddler no longer works now that the child is eight, or a parent may realize that joint custody just isn’t working out. Fortunately, Oregon courts understand that life happens and allow you to modify custody, parenting time, spousal support, and child support. It’s important to speak with an attorney experienced in these matters to see if you meet the criteria necessary to modify your Judgment of Dissolution.

It is extremely frustrating when one parent doesn’t follow the parenting plan, fails to pay support, or doesn’t turn over property they were ordered to under the Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. Fortunately, Oregon courts have a wide range of remedies available to enforce the terms of your Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage. Each county in Oregon has specific procedures so it’s important to consult with an attorney familiar with these procedures before filing an enforcement action with the court.