Relationship Break-ups

Whether you are married, in a registered domestic partnership, or unmarried with joint assets and/or children, breaking up is an emotionally painful process for most of us. At Tapestry, we understand how difficult this time is for you. You can count on our team to provide you with empathy and support, while at the same time providing you with the objective approach necessary to achieve your objectives throughout the process. 

If you are considering a break-up, no matter the status of your relationship, we invite you to schedule an Initial Consultation to answer your questions and help understand the process – from filing a petition to more complex matters including property division, custody, or child support issues.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

with an attorney who can answer your questions and help you understand the process.

Married Couples

While divorce, or “dissolution of marriage,” is often the end result of a break up when you are married, there are many different ways to divorce in Oregon. Tapestry takes pride in listening to your goals and objectives, and then offers options for you to decide how to pursue your case. Whether you opt for a collaborative divorce, mediation, a settlement agreement, or decide to take your case to trial in front of a judge, the Tapestry Family Law team has the skills and experience to try to resolve your break up on your terms. Click here to schedule an initial consultation.

Registered Domestic Partners

While divorce is not an option for registered domestic partners, Tapestry can help you terminate your partnership in Oregon. Because family law statutes do not apply to registered domestic partnerships, your attorney needs to be well versed in the law governing these relationships. Schedule a consultation with Tapestry and you’ll get an attorney who understands these special nuances of the law and has the experience to advocate on your behalf.

Unmarried and Non-Registered Domestic Partners

Unlike some other states, Oregon does NOT recognize Common Law Marriage. However, Oregon DOES recognize the existence of unregistered domestic partnerships. Tapestry brings more than ten years of experience in dissolving domestic partnerships. 

No matter whether you want to argue for or against whether your relationship was a domestic partnership, It is generally a good idea to consult with an attorney to determine if you meet the necessary criteria and learn what remedies are available to you before petitioning the court.