Same-Gendered Couples

Although same-gendered couples may now legally marry in the United States, sadly, for decades, they could not. Even though they could not legally marry, the law grew to recognize many marriage-like relationships, such as domestic partnerships, registered domestic partnerships, and more.

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Dissolving Oregon Registered Domestic Partnerships (RDPs)

A Registered Domestic Partnership in Oregon is “a civil contract entered into between two individuals of the same gender who are at least 18 years of age, who are otherwise capable, and at least one of whom is a resident of Oregon.”

Registered Domestic Partnership laws in Oregon were enacted before same-gendered couples had the right to marry under U.S. federal law. A Registered Domestic Partnership must be dissolved before either partner can get married. Although same-gendered couples now have a right to legally marry, those couples who entered into an RDP are not required to marry. If you need information on dissolving an Oregon registered domestic partnership, set up a consultation with an experienced attorney who can help.

Dissolving Unregistered Domestic Partnerships

Just because a same-gendered couple never entered into a Registered Domestic Partnership does not mean that a Domestic Partnership does not exist. The same remedies available to opposite sex Domestic Partners apply to same-gendered unregistered domestic partners. 

Tapestry brings more than ten years of experience in dissolving domestic partnerships. No matter whether you want to argue for or against whether your relationship was a domestic partnership, it is generally a good idea to consult with an attorney to determine if you meet the necessary criteria and learn what remedies are available to you before filing a court action.